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Version 1.0 : version june 2009.

Version 1.1 : (april 2010) :

  • Added menu Examples and Tutorials in the Help menu.
  • Added Cancel buttons for dialog boxes reminder Save (cheque configuration and print job configuration).
  • Fixed bugs...

Version 1.1.1 : (september 2010) :

  • Added button Buy Now (Secure online payment via Regnow).
  • Fixed bugs...

Version 1.2 : (february 2011) :

  • The ability to directly download user manual and tutorials from the software.
  • The possibility of automatic free updates of software itself.
  • The software handles a fifth type of data (. mdb or. accdb of MS Access).
  • Easier access to encrypted MS Excel files and encrypted MS Access databases.
  • The interface has been redesigned and much improved (allowing you to zoom the design window of cheques, thumbnail preview of the cheque in the print paper size – choosing the position of the cheque in the chosen paper size, rule with real dimensions of the print size, revised menus for more intuitive interface…
  • Fixed bugs..

Version 1.3 : (july 2011) :

  • The installer seamlessly uninstall any version of Cheque Factory found on your computer before installing the new version.
  • Replacing MS ActiveX controls with native controls for more stability.
  • The Arabic version has received more conformity with the other two versions.
  • More choice for the amount in digits (1000 separator and decimal point  configurable).
  • The interface (toolbar, status bar, all other objects included) can take a gradient color.
  • Added Undo / Redo functionality.
  • Fixed bugs..

Version 1.5 : (February 2012) :

  • Direct acquisition of cheque image from a scanner (easy positioning and resizing  elements of the cheque  in the appropriate areas in the image).
  • Inserting scanned images of cheque from Windows Explorer by drag & drop.
  • Read / write access to remote or local MySQL databases.
  • Managing of month names by Arab countries and type of calendar (Gregorian or Hijri).

Version 1.5.2 : (April 2012) :

  • Algorithms of conversion of numbers into words reconsidered (hyphens, specificity Switzerland and Belgium, adding Only No more and detailed syntax for the Arabic language).
  • Intuitive interface enhanced into the Cheque Setup Wizard.
  • Fixed bugs.

Version 1.5.3 : (May 2012) :

  • Support of British date format.
  • Fixed bugs..
Version 2.0 : (July 2013) :
  •  Easier user interface and more examples and tutorials.
  •  Can create other types of documents such as business cards.
  •  Access to various data types becomes much easier.
  •  Allows you to sign your documents directly with the mouse.
  •  Allows you to insert shapes and drawings from MS Word or any graphic design software.
  •  Printing improvements (page setup and print preview).
  •  Fixing a number of issues found in previous 1.5.3 release.
Version 2.2 : (December 2013) :
  • Can easily create labels or tickets with support for several types of barcodes, business cards and other documents to be printed.
  • You can export your document to several graphics file formats (standard file formats are supported).
  • Enhancements to predefined shapes (number of predefined patterns increased , support for transparency...).
Version 2.5 : (January 2014) :
  • Added WordArt button (to produce special text effects in Cheque Factory  documents).
  • Fixed bugs...
Version 2.7 : (March 2014) :
  • Added new types of gradients (from 4 to 9) for backgrounds of documents or shapes.
  • Added new types of patterns (from 36 to 53) for backgrounds of documents or shapes.
  • Added new settings for the amount in words - requiring scrollbars (plural or singular form and usage not of capitalization of currencies).
  • Selection of font sizes other than those contained in list boxes.
  • Fixed bugs.
Version 2.8 : (July 2014) :
  • Borders for backgrounds of documents - with customizable style, size and color.
  • Fixed bugs.
Version 3.0 : (July 2015) :
  • The management of bank accounts and management of checkbooks and bank balances using fully customizable reports.
  • Fixed bugs
Version 3.2 : (February 2016) :
  • Addeda Backupand Restore tool of directories containing your data in encrypted Zip archive on local disk,FTP server or/and on the Cloud.
  • Fixed bugs
Version 3.4 : (April 2016)
  • Using fields in Arabic in French or English interface.
  • Read/Write connection to PostgreSQL databases.
  • Exporting created shapes (WordArt, predefined shapes ...) as pictures in the most common graphics file formats
Version 4.0: (September 2016)
  • Added a welcome screen for immediate getting started with direct access to the online help, the user manual, consulting examples provided and the 12 video tutorials performing the main features of the program.

Version 4.2: (Januaryr 2017)
  • Read/Write access to Oracle databases.
Version 4.5: (March 2017)
  • Read/Write access to SQL Server databases.
Version 4.7: (September 2017)
  • Added compatibility with MS Excel 2016 and MS Access 2016 and minor bug fixes.
Version 4.8: (August 2018)
  • Added QR codes in your Cheque Factory documents.